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ultra clean environments & processes

Cesstech is a leading provider of advanced micro-contamination and electrostatic (ESD) management services in Asia. We deliver a complete, one-stop solution for ultra-clean environments and processes for the semiconductor, data storage, electronics, bio-medical/pharmaceutical and LCD/TFT manufacturing & assembly industries.



Cleanroom & Contamination Control Testing

More than 30 years in the testing and certification of cleanrooms, clean-air devices and mini-environments.

ESD Surveys, Audits & Field Testing

All tests are supervised by iNARTE-qualified and -certified ESD technicians/engineers.

ESD Materials Testing

Our independent laboratory provides the testing, measurement and evaluation of static control (ESD) protective equipment and materials to internationally recognised standards including ESDA, EIA, SEMI.

Indoor Air Quality Testing

We offer measurement and testing of thermal comfort, chemical, physical and biological parameters and tests conducted by IAQ specialists following the SS 554 : 2016 Code of Practice for IAQ for Air-Conditioned Buildings.


Our professional environment or surface biodecontamination services are carried out using Bioreset, our vaporised hydrogen peroxide generator, with guaranteed and certifiable results.


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Quality, precision, integrity and uncompromising dedication to customer satisfaction.


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and Regionally

We have attained the necessary accreditations, certification and unrived endorsements.


Customised Solutions Provider

We offer a comprehensive electrostatic control program to comply to ANSI/ESD S20.20 standard and customers’ requirements with our products & services.

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Cesstech is and capable of meeting your stringent demands.We want to be part of your success!


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