Ionization/Electrostatics Management Systems

Cesstech carries a comprehensive range of air ionization products by Simco-Ion that caters to a variety of semiconductor, data storage, flat panel/LCD, solar, life sciences and general electronics applications.

Simco-Ion is the premier provider of electrostatics energy management solutions and helps high tech manufacturers develop and manage their static budgets for maximum yield, throughput and profitability.

We also provide installation, service and maintenance of these products. Enquire now about our annual maintenance and calibration contracts.

We carry modular, low voltage and 24VAC ceiling ionizers ranging from analogue systems to the very sophisticated Fully Digital Technology series, suitable for most cleanroom applications.

All can be configured easily for most applications.

We carry the Simco-Ion range of aerobars, which are designed to control static charge in mini-environments, clean-air devices and workstations. They come in various lengths and configurations with an option for different types of emitter points.

We carry a range of benchtop ionizers that operate on Steady State DC or AC technology and use tungsten or stainless steel emitter points.

They can be used in any application to reduce ESD damage and improve product flow for sensitive electronic components.

We carry a range of Simco-Ion instrumentation specifically designed to measure electrostatic fields on objects as well as the performance of ionizers.

Compressed air or gas ionizing techniques can be used effectively to deliver ionization to the heart of process equipment and in applications where conventional ionizers cannot be used.

We carry the Novx brand of ESD Sensing/Process Monitoring tools under the Simco-Ion umbrella. Products include ESD monitors, workstation monitors, equipment ground monitors, ionizer controllers and EMI/ESD measurement devices, detectors and tools.

Novx is a recognised leader in EMI/ESD detection and measurements and offers products that allow manufacturers to monitor ESD in production in real time, thereby shortening the corrective action loop and providing an opportunity to control the ESD environment

We carry specialised ionizers that have been developed for specific applications to deliver effective ionization in tools and equipment.