ESD Materials (Lab)

Purpose built lab


We have an independent and well-equipped laboratory in which our trained, iNARTE-certified technicians and engineers independently test, measure and evaluate static control (ESD) protective equipment and materials used to protect ESD-sensitive devices, including both raw materials and finished products.

Our lab features environmental chambers for the conditioning and testing of samples at the required temperature of 23°C and RH of 12% and 50%.

  • Independent 3rd party assessment
  • Development of test methodology / acceptance criteria/compliance verification plan
  • Problem identification and solution provision
  • Formal reports with recommendation
  • Conformance with industry recognised standards and protocols
  • Compliance with quality assurance guidelines within the facility
  • Facilitation of historical data compilation and trend analysis over time
  • Experience in a diversity of industrial sectors
  • Exemplary track record
  • All testing and studies supervised by qualified NEBB certified cleanroom testing supervisors
  • On-smiddle shop for performance testing and contamination studies
  • Comprehensive arsenal of equipment – both hardware and software
  • Trained technicians and engineers with relevant experience
Testing is done to internationally recognised ESDA, EIA or SEMI standards among others and commonly includes:
  • Surface and volume resistance testing and measurement per ESDA STM11.11 / 11.12
  • Energy measurement and evaluation of static shielding bags per ESDA STM11.31
  • Floor materials testing and measurement per ESDA S7.1
  • 2 Point resistance measurement per ESDA STM11.13
  • Worksurfaces (ESD mats) resistance measurements per ESDA STM4.1
  • Gloves/finger cots testing per ESDA SP15.1 (within limits)

Following our analysis of the results, you will receive an easy-to-understand, formal reports with our recommendations.

ESD Materials Testing Labs