ESD Surveys,
Audits and Field Testing

Independent, third-party auditing


Cesstech provides services to ensure that materials and tools with your mini environment are “electrostatic-discharge-safe”.

Our team of experts use a wide range of equipment to facilitate extensive ESDC (Electrostatic Discharge Control) tests and measurements, which are supervised by independent, third-party iNARTE (National Association of Radio and Telecommunications Engineers)-qualified and -certified ESD technicians and engineers.

  • Independent 3rd party assessment
  • Development of test methodology / acceptance criteria/compliance verification plan
  • Problem identification and solution provision
  • Formal reports with recommendation
  • Conformance with industry recognised standards and protocols
  • Compliance with quality assurance guidelines within the facility
  • Facilitation of historical data compilation and trend analysis over time
  • Experience in a diversity of industrial sectors
  • Exemplary track record
  • All testing and studies supervised by qualified NEBB certified cleanroom testing supervisors
  • On-smiddle shop for performance testing and contamination studies
  • Comprehensive arsenal of equipment – both hardware and software
  • Trained technicians and engineers with relevant experience
Our services are designed to:
  • Develop a test methodology/acceptance criteria/compliance verification plan
  • Provide a formal evaluation and analysis of the ESD environment
  • Identify ESD susceptibility and failures
  • Deliver formal reports with recommendations
  • Give continual updates on standards/plans
  • Provide feedback and follow-up action plans
  • Deliver customised training programmes
ESD Professional Testing Services
iNARTE Certificate

Our ESD Testing Services

We can test materials or parts like flooring, reticule pods, wafer carriers, ionizers, mats, garments, etc. for independent qualification purposes and in accordance with recognised ESDA standards.

These tests can be conducted either at our ISO Class 6 ESD safe facility or on-site at your premises.

We can provide an audit designed to check and verify every aspect of your in-house and factory-wide ESDC programmes and ESD safe practices.

This audit includes surface charge/field potential/triboelectrification and resistance measurements (among others) on:

  • Tools
  • Direct/indirect materials
  • Workstations
  • Electrostatic protected areas (EPAs)
  • Floors
  • ESD garments
  • Mobile equipment
  • Shelving
  • Footwear, etc.

We use ESD event monitors and software to evaluate the your cleanroom environment as part of your facility’s ESD compliance verification plan.

Appropriately place monitors can quickly detect and assess ESD events and we then provide our recommendations for remedial action.

We can develop an ESD control programme for you based on the ESD susceptibility of the parts or products used at different stages of your manufacturing process. This involves:
  • Conducting a pre-audit where baseline measurements are made
  • Formulating the ESD control programme
  • Implementing the ESD control programme

Establishing compliance verification frequency, methodology and training
We provide the following ESD training:
  • ESD Basics
  • Static Charge Control
  • Developing & Managing an ESD Control Programme
  • Theory/Fundamentals/Applications of Ionization
  • In-field ESD Testing & Auditing for operators, technicians and engineers.

The training includes hands-on practical exercises and a factory walk-through and can be delivered as a half-day or full-day seminar.

We conduct ESD testing and verification of materials, work surfaces, transfer mechanisms, grounding, ionization and the general environment and enclosures of your facility.

Our tests encompass:

  • surface charge/field potential and triboelectrification examinations
  • resistance measurements
  • grounding checks
  • quantification of the number and magnitude of ESD events
  • electromagnetic field measurement
  • ionizer performance measurement, etc.

We will develop a compliance verification plan that will enable you to check and assess your ESD environment through periodic tests and measurements.

This plan will cover personnel, materials, production tools; storage and transfer mechanisms and components of a cleanroom environment, where applicable and will identify:

  • the type of tests to be carried out
  • the test equipment to be usedthe acceptance criteria and the frequency of testing

We can evaluate and recommend ionizers for different applications in your individual environments.

Evaluations can include:

  • graphical plots of the offset voltages and rates of decay over time
  • the performance of the ionizers with feedback sensors/controllers and with different types/materials of emitter points
  • longer-term monitoring of defined parameters such as particle counts in a controlled cleanroom environment.
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