Room Ionization Systems

We carry modular, low voltage and 24VAC ceiling ionizers ranging from analogue systems to the very sophisticated Fully Digital Technology series, suitable for most cleanroom applications.

All can be configured easily for most applications.

5511 Ceiling Emitter

  • Output Voltage 0-20 kVDC, ±10% each polarity; pos/neg output levels adjusted globally or individually at controller or locally at each emitter with the 5570
  • Operating Mode Pulsed DC, Steady-state DC or standby
  • Fully digital technology
  • Bi-directional infrared remote control with alphanumeric LCD display for emitter adjustment
  • Available with single crystal silicon emitter points
  • Pulse off-times separate positive and negative ion clouds
  • Integrates with 5585 AeroBars on the same controller
  • Addressable emitters
  • Pulse polarity synchronization
Download Datasheet

5515 Ceiling Emitter

  • Output Voltage 0-20 kVDC for each polarity; positive and negative output levels adjusted separately
  • Operating Mode Pulsed DC, steady-state DC or standby
  • Fully digital technology
  • Single-crystal silicon or titanium emitter points
  • Advanced Feedback Technology
  • Small and large capacity controllers
Download Datasheet