ESD Sensing/Process Monitoring Solutions

We carry the Novx brand of ESD Sensing/Process Monitoring tools under the Simco-Ion umbrella. Products include ESD monitors, workstation monitors, equipment ground monitors, ionizer controllers and EMI/ESD measurement devices, detectors and tools.

Novx is a recognised leader in EMI/ESD detection and measurements and offers products that allow manufacturers to monitor ESD in production in real time, thereby shortening the corrective action loop and providing an opportunity to control the ESD environment

Novx 7000 Critical Process ESD Monitor

  • Smart Signal Processing
  • Multiple sensor and antenna styles
  • Daisy chainable; RS-485 or Ethernet output
  • ESD event detection tracking
  • Three options for field voltage monitoring
  • User-programmable alarm set-points with automated messaging
  • Closed-loop control to tool computer
  • Plug-in modules allow factory upgrades
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Novx 3352/3362 Field Voltage Detection Systems

  • Digital, microprocessor-based controllers, multichannel, digital I/O, auxiliary I/O, local addressability, RS-485/Modbus or Ethernet data output
  • Passive (unpowered) and active antenna configurations
  • Precision resolution
  • Programmable closed-loop control for up to 3 solid state DC ionizer fans or a 3-fan blower
  • Programmable alarm set-points with tool shutdown option
  • Voltage/polarity displays, local red/green LEDs each channel
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