Simco-Ion (Industrial)

Simco-ION provides many solutions for industrial processes, including plastic, packaging, converting, printing, automotive and pharmaceutical, to optimise process speed, yield and quality.  Simco-ION understand the processes and electrostatic challenges that new materials, faster speed, complex machinery and developing technologies can present

Simco-ION static eliminator bars come in different length and housing material , design to neutralise static in short, medium and long range distance.  Special bars are available for ATEX, UL and Smart Industrial 4.0 application.

Simco-ION Power Supply consist of traditional AC Power Supply for both normal environment and explosion-proof required hazardous environment.

Smart IQ Power Control Static and Manager IQ Easy provide not only power to the ionizer bar, allow status monitor, feedback control and fine tune adjustment with the onboards LCD monitor.  This lead any set up to meet Industrial 4.0 requirement

Simco-ION industrial ionizing blower is a reliable and fast static charge control for harsh industrial environment, large volume of air with wide coverage design to provide maximum charge neutralisation

Design to provide in-line static elimination for neutralizing static charges on material in pneumatic conveying system

Rugged design to withstand harsh industrial environment.  Some designed with powerful blast of air flow amplification technology to minimise CDA consumption

To measure static charge Simco has developed static measurement equipment with a Voltage sensor. The Voltage sensor gives a good indication of the static charge

Industries leading arc resistant charging bar deliver safe charge to temporarily pin or bonding materials together for IML, lamination, card tacking or edge pinning.

A wide range of non-contact vacuums and Teknik contact cleaning systems