Power Supplies

Simco-ION Power Supply consist of traditional AC Power Supply for both normal environment and explosion-proof required hazardous environment.


  • Patented one touch auto-calibration
  • Patented Dual-Axis control
  • Patented HV Power Supply connector system
  • Low 24V DC input power
  • Compatible with IQ Easy Sensor bar for closed-loop feedback (CLFB) operation
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IQ Power HL & HLC

  • Two Power Supply for the IQ Power HL System. Both IQ Power HL & HLC Power supply options provide the high voltage output power producing ionization and are compatible with the IQ
  • Power Control Station witih intelligence features allow auto-calibration and dual-axis feedback control with an optional HL sensor system.
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AC Power Supplies

  • The D167Q (120V) and D257Q (230V), can be used with the R50 Blue Bar and HE Nozzles (each will power up to 100 nozzles in series). These power supplies can also be used with shockless static bars with shielded cable, available models:
  • D165, D167, D255, D257
  • F167, F267, G165, G255
  • H164, H254, H265
  • N164S, N165S, N167S, N267
  • R165, R265, S165, S265
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Dual Phase+

  • The Dual Phase+ power supply produces high voltage for high speeds. It displays user-friendly notifications such as fault and warning lights for short circuit detection and clogging. Dual Phase+ is current limited and designed to automatically shut down if any problem with the high voltage occurs.
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True AC

  • Bar ON/OFF Indicator
  • CLEAN Bar indicator when bar need maintenance
  • Arc Detectioin Fault Indication
  • Bar graph display ionization output performance of the static bar
  • Local/Remote Swith options availble for remote ON/OFF
  • Calibration is available to change the senstivity of the monitoring system
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Power Unit 47

  • Adjustable AC output voltage
  • Equip with an error alarm output terminal
  • Built-in High voltage output monitor circuit
  • HIgh-intensity blue LED for high visibility
  • CE Marking, RoHS Compliant
  • 90-240Vac input voltage
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Power Unit 150

  • 24VDC Input for flexibility
  • High Precision Ion Balance adjustment
  • Built-in abnormality detection circuit with alarm output signal terminal
  • Remote ON/Off
  • CE Marking, RoHS Compliant
  • Ion Balance adjustment function
  • Output voltage adjustment and voltage check terminal
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  • Available in 100VAC, 115VAC 200VAC and 230VAC
  • Can use with shockless static bars with shielded cable
  • 2 High Voltage ports
  • Available for 4kV and 7kV High Voltage Output
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A Unit Power Supply

  • Equipped with ON/OFF switch with an indicator lamp and HIgh-Voltage indicator lamp.
  • Max 4 ionizers can be connected to every Power Supply
  • Available model:
  • A1A4S, A1A7S, A1A7BHR, A1B7S, A1C7S, A1B4BHR
  • A2C7S, A2A7S, A2A7BHR, A2A4S, A2B4S, A2B7BHR
  • LB1C7S, LB1A4S, LB2C4S, LB2A4BHR, LB3C7S, LB3A4S
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Manager IQ Easy

  • 7″ full colour touch screen
  • Colour coded information
  • Control up to 30 devices
  • Connection up to 6 devices
  • Analogue & digital inputs and outputs
  • Serial fieldbus interfaces
  • Ethernet & USB Interface
  • Available in either 100-240VAC input or 24VDC power input
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Extension IQ Easy

  • The IQ Easy Platform with Manager IQ Easy can be extended to control additional 6 devices
  • Data logging in real time
  • LED Indicator
  • Available in either 100-240VAC input or 24VDC power input
  • Analogue & digital inputs and outputs
  • Pro-Active ionizatin control with Sensor IQ Easy
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IQ Power BPS-C

  • Easy operation with Clean Bar, Fault and High Voltage on indicator
  • Intelligent monitoring through the IQ Power Control Station allows for real time information gathering
  • Able to set custom maintenance alarm using IQ Power Station
  • Different modes to handle different static challanges
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MPM Power Supply

  • Fetarues electronically stabilised output voltage and wide range of input voltages
  • Green and Red LED’s are incorporate on the top of the MPM
  • Output voltage available for 3.3, 4.0, 5.0 or 7kV
  • Available options for Ion Balance Control, High-voltage Control, Master Slave, Overload Detection, Remove Control.
  • Connections of up to 4 devices
  • UL approved
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LB Unit Power Supply

  • Equipped with two high-voltage transformers with 180° Phase-shifted output voltage
  • Anti-static bars connected to the power unit produce positive & negative ions simuiltaneously
  • Optimise neutralization of static charges at high velocities
  • Fitted with two high-voltage indicators and on/off switch with indicator lamp
  • Recommended to be used with outdoor Conveyostats
  • LB1C7S, LB1A4S, LB2C4S, LB2A4BHR, LB3C7S, LB3A4S
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