Ionizing Air Gun/Nozzle/Air Knife

Rugged design to withstand harsh industrial environment.  Some designed with powerful blast of air flow amplification technology to minimise CDA consumption

Cobra Gun

  • Working distance: 600 mm max
  • It comes standard with 6 metres cable, 12 metre is also possible
  • Ideal for heavy-duty industrial applications
  • The emitter pin is cleaned during use
  • Working distance 600 mm
  • Housing material impact resistant plastic
  • Ionization point special alloy
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IQ Power Nozzle

  • Flexible installation allows multiple nozzles to be positioned on a single wire run
  • Continuous monitoring of performance and status
  • IP-66 rated against particulate and splash
  • Input Voltage 7 kVDC (IQ Power BPS speed mode) using specified HV cable
  • Air Input 80 psi, max
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HS Ionizing Air Nozzle

  • The full IQ Power HL system allow combination of Control Station, IQ Powre Static Neutralizing Bars, IQ Power Fantom HL Blower, IQ Easy Static Neutralizing Bars, IQ Power HL Sensor, Hazardous Location Bars and Power Supplies (Class 1, Div 1)
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HE Static Control Nozzle

  • Fast, efficient neutralization
  • Can be installed individually, in a series, or on a header bar
  • Compact size allows for a wide variety of applications
  • Line Voltage Requirements 120 V, 60 Hz, 230 V, 50 Hz
  • Size (Individual Nozzle) 2″ (1″ diameter)
  • Maximum Air Pressure (clean, dry air) 100 psi maximum
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R55 Nozzle

  • Slotted and perforated versions available for optimal cleaning, ionization and cost efficiency
  • High efficiency, even at longer distances
  • Shockless for operator safety
  • Compact size allows for a wide variety of applications
  • Operation Voltage 5 kV, 120V, 60 Hz; 230 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Ionizing Pin Current At Short Circuit To Ground 40μA
  • Maximum Operating 140ºF (60ºC) without blown
  • Temperature (ambient) 176ºF (80ºC) with blown air
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Ionizing Curtain Transvector/R50

  • Cleans while neutralizing static charges
  • Helps to reduce machinery jams
  • Helps to prevent attraction of dirt and contamination
  • Provides safe, efficient operation
  • Length 6″ Increments (up to 84″)
  • Air Inlet .25 NPT
  • HV Cable 10′ standard length
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Magnum Force

  • Clean, dry, uniform air provides superior cleaning capability
  • Adjustable air thrust blades provide flexibility of performance
  • Easy installation and positioning
  • Corrosion resistant body and brackets
  • Air Velocity Output orifice adjustable from 0.032” to 0.250”
  • Inlet Connection Air knife supplied standard with end inlet; center inlet and double top inlet options available
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Blow Flex Easy

  • Supply voltage: 24 V DC nominal
  • Compressed air 1 – 7 bar (15 – 100 PSI)
  • Connection G ¼’’ female thread and 8 mm hose connection
  • Protection class IP66
  • Supply voltage24 V DC nominal
  • Energy consumptionMax. 0,3 A DC
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  • Incorporates Simco-Ion anti-static bars which quickly neutralize static, facilitating easy removal of particulate
  • Clean, uniform, high-velocity ionized air provides ‘‘one-step’’ cleaning
  • Direct-drive motors require little or no maintenance
  • Anodised finish for corrosion protection
  • Connection for pressure sensor
  • New design extruded aluminium profile
  • Cost efficient versus compressed air
  • Two mounting grooves
  • Small blower/ low noise level
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Ion Focus III

  • Cleanliness Body: All stainless steel frame (SUS304)
  • Discharge needle: Titanium emitter
  • Insulation material: Nylon
  • Large flow rate specification
  • Achieves 1.5 times the flow rate compared to the conventional model 350l/m (at 0.5MPa)
  • Expansion of static elimination area
  • Ion balance performance within ±10 V
  • Built-in essential ion balance circuit realizes stable ion balance over a long period of time
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H Nozzle

  • Inexpensive general-purpose nozzle
  • Hastelloy B-2 (nickel alloy) is used for the discharge needle
  • Nozzle can be used alone or connected to remove static electricity and dust over a wide area
  • Format Air nozzle H Color (main body part) Red
  • Minimum mounting pitch (mm) – Connection type Special specification 40mm
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Top Gun

  • Discharge 1.3 sec @ 6” (15.2 cm), 30 psi (±1000-100V); 0.5 sec @ 2” (5 cm), 60 psi (±1000-100V)
  • Balance ±15V
  • Gas Input 20-65 psi, Clean Dry Air (CDA) or nitrogen
  • Lightweight, Ergonomic Design
  • Flow Control Valve for Adjustable Airflow
  • Electrically balanced ion output
  • Integrated, Replaceable Filter-Nozzle
  • Ionization Indicator Light
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Ion Cell

  • Compact design
  • Various output attachments available
  • Powered by low voltage power supply or through VDC input
  • Can daisy chain up to 6 units
  • Power Input 24VDC
  • Housing Polycarbonate with 94V-0 flame rating
  • Dimensions 2.5″ H x 1.3″ W x 4.5″ L (64mm H x 33mm W x 115mm L)
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  • We can choose nozzle shape, blowing shape to shape
  • Since the high-voltage cable can be connected in a straight or right-angle direction with a compact shape, it is easy to install
  • Simco’s original ionization technology and highly efficient air blow are realized
  • Electrode body material Plastic (PA6.6 30% GF)
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  • Shockless structure that emphasizes safety (capacitive coupling method)
  • Nozzles can be used alone or combined to remove static electricity and foreign matter over a wide area.
  • Air blow part has nozzle tip made of nylon and prevents outbreak of dew condensation.
  • Color (body part) blue
  • Minimum mounting pitch (mm) Connection type special specification 77mm
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BW Nozzle

  • Working distance: 150 mm max.
  • Air consumption with 1/4” tube: 4 Nm3/h using 1 bar
  • Air consumption with 3/8” tube: 8,5 Nm3/h using 1 bar
  • Max. pressure: 6 bar
  • Working distance 150 mm
  • Housing material plastic, stainless steel
  • Ionization point special alloy
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Explosion Proff Static Elimination Gun Expr50

  • European ATEX Explosion-proof Directive Compliant Zone1 Zone2
  • Highly rigid lightweight body made of reinforced plastic
  • Used the world’s first rotating nozzle
  • Possible to remove static electricity with clean air by installing a filter
  • Can be extended up to 35m by connecting to ES53 power supply
  • Safe Shielded high voltage cable adopted
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