Speciality Products

Cesstech offers a comprehensive range of speciality products for precise measurement and monitoring. These products are widely used in the semiconductor, electronics and life science industries, as well as for specific industrial applications.


TEC Services designs and manufactures controlled environment products. This includes aerosol photometers, aerosol generators and aerosol-testing reagents.

We also provide calibration and repair services for aerosol photometers, generators and penetrometer components.

EMTEK’s Microbial Air Samplers and Controller Systems were designed to operate in a variety of Critical Environments including LAF Hoods, BSCs, Isolators, Sterility Chambers, Filling Lines, Bulk Production Areas, Surgical Ampitheaters, and Compressed Air/Gas Systems, but are practical for use in almost any environment.

For more than 60 years, Novasina AG has been developing, producing and selling precision measuring devices for water activity, air and material humidity, temperature and differential pressure and is known worldwide as a Swiss manufacturer and international supplier of high-quality products.

Fluke Process Instruments spot pyrometers are designed to be flexible and easy-to-install; durable to withstand the most demanding harsh industrial environments; and visual so you can see and understand your process temperature data. Spot pyrometers are a type of fixed thermal sensor used for measuring a single point on high-temperature surfaces, often in large furnaces or kilns. These devices measure temperature from the thermal radiation emitted, also known as radiometry.

Fluke Process Instruments handheld pyrometers are designed to be an easy-to-use, portable device that can withstand hot industrial environments while ensuring operator safety and efficiency with heat resistant warning detectors and alarms. See and understand your temperature data in a wide range of applications with high-optical resolution and real-time readings. With a superior distance-to-spot (D:S) ratio, users can measure high temperature targets from longer distances, ensuring accurate temperature readings.

LogTag offers a wide range of loggers for temperature and humidity measurements, ultra-low and Wi-Fi monitoring accompanied by an array of LogTag accessories and sensors to select from.

LogTag loggers are suitable for a broad range of industry applications, accompanied by the free, powerful LogTag Analyzer software and the online cloud solution, LogTag Online; whilst meeting strict regulatory compliance requirements for Vaccines, Healthcare, Industrial, Pharmaceutical, Food & Drink, Agriculture & Livestock and cold chain industries where environmental monitoring is critical.

Arizona Vortex Tube Manufacturing Company is dedicated to solving manufacturing and industrial needs. Whether you want to Cool an electrical cabinet, Convey material with air, Create an Air Curtain, or Cool a drill bit, we are here to help. Our products will help you lower your costs, Think Green, and improve your productivity. We manufacture Vortex Tubes, CNC Coolers, Cool Tools, Air Nozzles/Jets, Air Curtains/Amplifiers, and Drum Pumps.  All of our products operate off of compressed air or other compressible gases. No Mess, No Electricity, No Maintenance.

IONMEN provides continuous monitoring of your ESD process control system throughout all stages of manufacturing, capturing data and presenting a real-time view of critical manufacturing processes. The system includes a fully integrated static management system that eliminates the need for periodic verification on manufacturing tools.