SCS (Static Control Products)

SCS offers a full line of static control products. SCS is a vertically integrated manufacturer that spans from raw materials to finished products, providing unique control over the supply chain, product development, manufacturing, and quality management. SCS has the broadest range of static control shielding and barrier bags as well as a comprehensive Static Management Program (SMP). SCS Static Management Program (SMP) uses a system of test equipment and software to monitor ESD control compliance in real-time, designed to improve the customer’s product quality, production yields, and reliability.

ESD Footwear or Foot Grounders are used as a method of grounding people via a conductive or dissipative floor. The personnel grounding devices can be used to ground operators when stood or when mobile whilst handling non-shielded ESD Sensitive Devices within the ESD Protected Area (EPA).

SCS ESD bags come in a range of materials and sizes including, but not limited to, Metal-In Shielding, Metal-Out Shielding, Moisture Barrier, Clean Certified, MIL spec, and Conductive. Our bags are designed to protect against damage caused by static electricity, as well as other physical or environmental damage that might occur during manufacture, transportation, or storage of ESD Sensitive Devices (ESDS).

SCS manufactures three different ESD Event Detection Meters and Monitors that allow you to identify ESD incidents throughout your manufacturing process. There are two handheld meter models and a continuous monitoring device. All of which are designed to detect and count ESD events that can damage sensitive components and cause tool lockups, erratic behavior and parametric errors. Once you can detect ESD Events, you can carry out diagnostics to determine what is causing them, and then you can put a solution in place.

The testing of personnel grounding devices such as wrist straps and foot grounders is a vital part of any ESD Control program and should be included in your Verification Plan. An operator’s wrist strap and/or footwear can fail at any time and the damage will mostly likely not be visible, that’s where the testers, sometimes known as personnel grounding testers, come in. They provide feedback and verify the functionality of the grounding device.

Below you will find a list of some of the different options available for testing: 

  • Wrist Strap Tester
  • Wrist Strap and Footwear Testers
  • Single or Split Footplate
  • Portable, wall-mountable or fitted
  • Relay terminal, which can be used for access control into the EPA
  • Data acquisition

SCS Static Management Program (SMP) continuously monitors your ESD process control system throughout all stages of manufacturing. SMP captures data from SCS workstation, equipment and ESD event continuous monitors and provides a real-time picture of critical manufacturing processes. All activity is stored into a database for on-going quality control purposes. SMP allows you to pinpoint areas of concern and prevent ESD events.

SCS Wrist Straps are designed to safely ground personnel that are handling ESD Sensitive Devices (ESDS), and they should be used when personnel are seated, as per ANSI/ESD S20.20. All SCS Wrist Straps include the 1 megohm Safety Resistor which is there solely to provide safety to the human body by limiting the amount of current that could be conducted by the body. The presence of the safety resistor can be confirmed and monitored with the use of SCS monitors such as the 724 Workstation Monitor, WS Aware, Iron Man® Plus and Ground Man Plus. The varying SCS Wrist Straps benefit from features such as:

  • 360° Rotation Between Wristband and Coil Cord – Designed to promote comfort, freedom of motion, and reduce strain on the operator’s wrist.
  • Compatibility with SCS Dual-Wire Monitors which provide a reduced risk of ESD damage due to their instant feedback, redundancy and detection of intermittent failures caused by flex fatigue.
  • Thermoplastic elastomer strain relief molded onto coil cord.
  • Relaxed retraction coil cord to reduce tug on wearers wrist. With a break load average of 30 pounds.
  • Unique magnetic contact design in MagSnap 360TM Wrist Straps that provide a superior electrical connection. The magnetic connection made with the wristband maintains a 1–5-pound perpendicular breakaway force to prevent accidental disconnects. Spring loaded center contact rated to 1 million cycles.