Decontamination System

Cesstech Singapore is specilaist in micro-contmination field. We supply equipment for particulated removal using the electrostics precipitation and ion shower down to nanometer scale particulates for both non-viable & viable particulates such as fungi, bacteria and viruses.

Our bio-decontmination technology emcompases the use of environemntal friendly vaporised hydrogen peroxide to achieve 6-log bioburden reduction. The company also supply state of the art microwave technology biomedical waste sterilization equipment and biomedical waste recycling system by laser laser light sorting.

Amira is a key player in the managed and controlled contamination environment sector. With headquarter in Italy, they focus on producing and distributing state-of-the-art instruments for particle and microbiological monitoring suitable for different industries such as life sciences, pharma, university, electronic.

Amira collaborates with global industry-leading partners to offer the best quality solutions for contamination containment, control and monitoring. In 2013 we started the production of Bioreset, the generator line for VPHP biodecontamination, and we market it worldwide through a network of expert distributors.

As a machine manufacturer for more than 70 years, Ecosteryl has developed unique expertise in the development of state-of-the-art specialized eco-friendly equipment in the field of medical waste bio-decontamination and sterilized medical waste recycling system.

By offering the best possible technology on the market, their goal is to contribute to a safer and cleaner planet for the future generations, by becoming a leading player in the health sector and circular economy. 

Genano is a leader in indoor air decontamination. We operate in wide range of business areas, ensuring that manufacturing processes are secured in laboratories, clinics, manufacturing clean areas, logistics halls and in other manufacturing facilities.

Their unique, patented cold-plasma technology is based on a powerful electronic filterless air purification. The main benefits of the technology is the constant air flow, that does not get disrupted because of clogged filters. The performance of Genano technology stays constantly high. As they don’t use any filtration media, their units don’t offer a substrate for microbes to grow. In fact, their technology eliminates all living microbes; such as viruses and bacteria.

Genano technology brings another remarkable benefit for users: the ability to remove airborne impurities of all sizes – down to nanometer size.

IONClean system combine the power of compressed air blast, static elimination, brush and vacuum to remove the static bond and evacuate surface particle, then suction clean. Ideal for Food Industry, Electronic Semi-conductor and Medical Technology