Performax IQ Easy

  • The glassfiber reinforced profile offers a very rugged structure even up to 5 metres in length. The Performax IQ Easy has an integrated high voltage power supply and requires only a low voltage input of 24VDC.

Performax Easy

  • The rugged Performax Easy static neutralizing system, with reinforced profile offers superior deflection to minimizes bending damage.
  • The Performax Easy has an integrated high voltage power supply and requires only 24VDC. It is equipped with a standard M12 connector for the 24V DC input.
  • The 24VDC Power Adaptor must be ordered separately

MEJ Static Control Bar

  • The MEJ Static Control Bar has a small, circular size for tight spaces.
  • The MEJ is dsigned to use in a wide variety of applications.
  • The MEJ Static Control Bar requires a power supply for operation, which must be ordered separately

One Point Ionizer

  • The shockless One Point is designed for spot static control and for applications with hard to reach static charges.
  • Easy to install and maintain


  • Super high-output “hot” static control bar with a small profile
  • Ideal for machine mount with high static neutralization requirement
  • Easy to install and maintain

MEB Static Bar

  • Shockless stainless steel or Aluminium construction
  • Over 45 bar lengths available from 8” to 144” (custom sizes available)
  • Effective for web speeds up to 1200 ft/min
  • Universal mounting brackets
  • Easy to install, versatile application

R50 Blue Bar

  • High performance without the use of costly compressed air
  • Embedded ground reference
  • Resistantly coupled for shockless operation
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Shielded cable to reduce interference
  • The Blue Bar can be powered by the D167Q or D257Q Power Supplies”

IQ Power Static Neutralizing Bars

  • Speed Static Bars are engineered to neutralize static charges on webs traveling up to 3,000 fpm and are mounted approximately 4” distance
  • Hybrid Static Bars are designed for varied installations up to 18” away.
  • Distance Static Bars are specially engineered to provide powerful ionization for distances up to 30 inches

IQ Easy Static Neutralizing Bar

  • 24VDC low voltage input from or Adapter Kit with status indicator
  • IQ Power System compatible for remote monitoring intelligence
  • Shockless long-life emitter points
  • IP-66 rated against particulate and splash
  • Designed for rugged industrial use and easy cleaning

IQ Power HL Neutralizing System

  • The full IQ Power HL system allow combination of Control Station
  • IQ Powre Static Neutralizing Bars
  • IQ Power Fantom HL Blower
  • IQ Easy Static Neutralizing Bars
  • IQ Power HL Sensor
  • Hazardous Location Bars and Power Supplies (Class 1, Div 1)