• Data acquisition recorder and real time integrated monitoring system
  • Ensure tools grounding meets ANSI/ESD S20.20
  • Automate your ESD Control
  • Eliminate the need for periodic manual testing
  • In control of your essential tool’s ESD grounding
  • Instant alert when grounding connection is out of specification
  • Real-time monitor for in-tool or in-line grounding points.
  • Optional facility interface – multiple units can be connected into one centralized system


  • EQ Grounding Digital monitor: 0~20Ω: Equipment/Auto Arm/Load Device Ground; EMI pulse; Background noise level
  • Ionizer operation status monitor: Relay 0~20mA or ON/ALARMOFF: Ionizer and other device relay monitor
  • Product Surface Voltage Monitor: provide a farther measurement distance and a wider measurement range; it can monitor voltage changes <=50V at a 5-inch installation position
  • Ionizer Balance / Delay Time Performance monitor: measure the balance performance every 0.2 seconds.
  • ESD Event Detection: Using variable antenna direction and sensitive value placement, the occurrence of ESD events can be monitored in a well-defined small area