LB Unit Power Supply

  • Equipped with two high-voltage transformers with 180° Phase-shifted output voltage
  • Anti-static bars connected to the power unit produce positive & negative ions simuiltaneously
  • Optimise neutralization of static charges at high velocities
  • Fitted with two high-voltage indicators and on/off switch with indicator lamp
  • Recommended to be used with outdoor Conveyostats
  • LB1C7S, LB1A4S, LB2C4S, LB2A4BHR, LB3C7S, LB3A4S

MPM Power Supply

  • Fetarues electronically stabilised output voltage and wide range of input voltages
  • Green and Red LED’s are incorporate on the top of the MPM
  • Output voltage available for 3.3, 4.0, 5.0 or 7kV
  • Available options for Ion Balance Control, High-voltage Control, Master Slave, Overload Detection, Remove Control.
  • Connections of up to 4 devices
  • UL approved

IQ Power BPS-C

  • Easy operation with Clean Bar, Fault and High Voltage on indicator
  • Intelligent monitoring through the IQ Power Control Station allows for real time information gathering
  • Able to set custom maintenance alarm using IQ Power Station
  • Different modes to handle different static challanges

Extension IQ Easy

  • The IQ Easy Platform with Manager IQ Easy can be extended to control additional 6 devices
  • Data logging in real time
  • LED Indicator
  • Available in either 100-240VAC input or 24VDC power input
  • Analogue & digital inputs and outputs
  • Pro-Active ionizatin control with Sensor IQ Easy

Manager IQ Easy

  • 7″ full colour touch screen
  • Colour coded information
  • Control up to 30 devices
  • Connection up to 6 devices
  • Analogue & digital inputs and outputs
  • Serial fieldbus interfaces
  • Ethernet & USB Interface
  • Available in either 100-240VAC input or 24VDC power input

A Unit Power Supply

  • Equipped with ON/OFF switch with an indicator lamp and HIgh-Voltage indicator lamp.
  • Max 4 ionizers can be connected to every Power Supply
  • Available model:
  • A1A4S, A1A7S, A1A7BHR, A1B7S, A1C7S, A1B4BHR
  • A2C7S, A2A7S, A2A7BHR, A2A4S, A2B4S, A2B7BHR
  • LB1C7S, LB1A4S, LB2C4S, LB2A4BHR, LB3C7S, LB3A4S


  • Available in 100VAC, 115VAC 200VAC and 230VAC
  • Can use with shockless static bars with shielded cable
  • 2 High Voltage ports
  • Available for 4kV and 7kV High Voltage Output

Power Unit 150

  • 24VDC Input for flexibility
  • High Precision Ion Balance adjustment
  • Built-in abnormality detection circuit with alarm output signal terminal
  • Remote ON/Off
  • CE Marking, RoHS Compliant
  • Ion Balance adjustment function
  • Output voltage adjustment and voltage check terminal

Power Unit 47

  • Adjustable AC output voltage
  • Equip with an error alarm output terminal
  • Built-in High voltage output monitor circuit
  • HIgh-intensity blue LED for high visibility
  • CE Marking, RoHS Compliant
  • 90-240Vac input voltage

True AC

  • Bar ON/OFF Indicator
  • CLEAN Bar indicator when bar need maintenance
  • Arc Detectioin Fault Indication
  • Bar graph display ionization output performance of the static bar
  • Local/Remote Swith options availble for remote ON/OFF
  • Calibration is available to change the senstivity of the monitoring system