MacroScan RL

  • Designed to perform all common cell-based assays, all functional assays and all lab assays on the basis of colourimetry, luminescence or fluorescence.
  • PRNT and MicroPRNT; Seroneutralisation; Titration; ELISPOT; Opsonophagocytic; Serum bactericidal assays.
  • Images are captured by ZEISS stereomicroscopy camera that is completely digitally controlled, perfect for raising the accuracy of your counts and ensuring every detail in every picture is identifiable.
  • The MacroScan II uses Teach & Read Microtechnix application to acquire high grade quality images and apply the set of parameters specific to your positive samples.

MacroLab II EMMA

  • Microbiological Environmental Monitoring.
  • Patent-pending optics system captures ultra-precise images and uses artificial intelligence to analyze your samples.
  • High resolution image of 100% of plate surface, including the edges on the border (meniscus) enable to detect any colony on the petri dishes (ensuring NO False negative).
  • Data integrity with sample identification and audit trail (21 CFR part 11 compliant).
  • Reporting and possibility to connect to the environmental monitoring software (Novatek, Moda, LIMs,…).