• ESD/ESC Audit

    Checking and verification of every aspect of in-house and factory-wide ESDC programs and ESD safe practices. The audit includes surface charge/field potential/triboelectrification and resistance measurements (among others) on tools, direct/indirect materials, workstations, Electrostatic Protected Areas (EPAs), floors, ESD garments, mobile equipment, shelving, footwear, etc…

  • Developing and Managing an ESD Control Program

    Includes developing an ESD Control program based on ESD susceptibility of parts or products at different stages of the manufacturing process. The scope entails doing a pre-audit where baseline measurements are made, then formulating the actual ESD control program, implementing the program itself, and establishing compliance verification frequency, methodology and training.

  • ESD Testing for Tools/Minienvironments

    Includes testing and verification of materials, work surfaces, transfer mechanisms, grounding, ionization and the general environment and enclosures. Tests encompass surface charge/field potential and triboelectrification examinations, resistance measurements, grounding checks, quantifying number and magnitude of ESD events,electromagnetic field measurement and ionizer performance measurement, etc.

  • Ionization

    Includes evaluation and recommendation of ionizers for different applications. Long-term evaluation can also be undertaken with mon ito ring of defined parameters. The evaluation includes graphical plots of the offset voltages and rates of decay over time. Other parameters like particle counts can also be mon ito red under a controlled cleanroom environment. The evaluation can also include the performance of the ionizers with feedback sensors/controllers and with different types/materials of emitter points.

  • ESD Materials/Parts Testing

    Testing of materials or parts like flooring, reticle pods, wafer carriers, ionizers, mats, garments, etc., for independent qualification purposes is available at our ISO Class 6 ESD safe facility or on-site. Testing is done according to recognised ESDA standards and relevant data and a summary will be submitted after the testing.

  • Monitoring & Quantifying ESD Events

    Includes using ESD event mon ito rs and software to evaluate the environment of concern. By appropriate placement of the ESD event mon ito rs, ESD events can be quickly picked up and assessed depending on the ESD susceptibility of the product and/or environment. Remedial action can then be recommended and implemented. Can be implemented as part of a facility’s ESD compliance verification plan as quantifiable data can be obtained on the performance and success of the adopted ESD control program through such measurements.

  • ESD Training

    Training is available in ESD Basics, Static Charge Control, Developing & Managing an ESD Control Programme, Theory/Fundamentals/Applications of Ionization, plus In-field ESD Testing & Auditing for operators, technicians and engineers. The training could last a half-day or stretch to a full-day seminar with hands-on demonstrations and a factory walk-through.

  • Implementing a ESD Compliance Verification Plan

    Includes developing a compliance verification plan to check and assess the ESD environment with regard to periodic tests and measurements. The plan will cover personnel, materials, production tools, storage and transfer mechanisms and components of a cleanroom environment, where applicable. The type of tests to be carried out, the test equipment to be used, the acceptance criteria and the frequency of testing are all covered as part of the compliance verification plan.

  • Semi E78 Compliance Testing

    In conjunction with our value-added partners, the above compliance testing can be undertaken to assess the electrostatic discharge (ESD) and electrostatic attraction (ESA) environment within the semiconductor tools. A series of tests are undertaken to ascertain and determine the sensitivity level of the tool, based on the static charge levels measured (Level 1 to Level 4, measured in both C and volts/cm).