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ESD Materials (Lab) Testing

Cesstech has an independent & well-equipped laboratory for the testing, measurement & evaluation of static control (ESD) protective equipment and materials used to protect ESD sensitive devices including both raw materials and finished products. The testing is done to internationally recognised standards from ESDA (ESD Association), EIA, SEMI standards amongst others.

Features & Benefits:

  • Well-Equipped lab
  • Possess Relevant Experience
  • Possess Environmental chambers that can condition and test samples at the required temperature of 23 ͦC and RH of 12% and 50%
  • Inventory of appropriate test equipment & Instrumentation
  • Testing supervised by trained iNARTE certified technicians & engineers
  • Testing to Internationally recognised, ESDA standards, amongst others
  • Easy to understand, Formal Reports with recommendations

Common Tests / Measurements:

  • Surface & Volume resistance testing & measurement per ESDA STM11.11 / 11.12
  • Energy measurement & evaluation of Static shielding bags per ESDA STM11.31
  • Floor Materials testing &measurement per ESDA S7.1
  • 2 Point resistance measurement per ESDA STM11.13
  • Worksurfaces (ESD Mats) Resistance measurements per ESDA STM4.1
  • Gloves / Finger Cots testing per ESDA SP15.1 (within limits)
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