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V-PHP biodecontamination services


Rapid, effective, incomparable.

If you operate in any environment sensitive to biological contamination and you need to perform, occasionally or even urgently, environment or surface biodecontamination with guaranteed and certifiable results, we offer professional biodecontamination services using Bioreset, our vaporized hydrogen peroxide generators.

The applied technology is based on the use of hydrogen peroxide vapor, which is particularly suitable to kill a wide spectrum of microorganisms and viruses. Thanks to the sterilizing agent in vapor phase it is possible to get a uniform distribution to reach even the most difficult points of the contaminated environment allowing to reduce a 6 Log microbial charge on exposed surfaces.

Chemical-physical characteristics of hydrogen peroxide make it compatible with different materials (metals, plastics and elastomers) and electronic device components. Applications in special conditions and with particular materials will be evaluated by our team.

The low operating temperatures, the biodecontamination agent efficacy and the outstanding cycle speed make Bioreset the best generator to be used in a wide range of applications for a rapid restoration of the operating condition.

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