Integrity In Measurement - Professionalism In Execution
Few industries demand more precision and care in their operations than the semiconductor, data storage, electronics manufacturing and pharmaceutical businesses. That is why a fast-growing number of major corporations in these fields have come to rely on Cesstech to help maintain their exacting standards.Cesstech offers a complete range of critical environment auditing, qualification, testing & certification services.
Applications :
  • Semiconductor
  • Data storage
  • Flat panel
  • General Electronics
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Bio- medical/ Life Sciences
  • Hospital
  • Research institutions
  • Independent labs
  • Cleanroom equipment manufacturers
  • Minienvironments/Clean Air devices Materials' Manufacturers
  • Cleanroom builders
  • ESD safe labs
  • Front End Semiconductor Tools
  • Storage Tools
  • Test handlers
  • Photolithography equipment
  • Cleanrooms
  • Minienvironments
  • Assembly workstations
  • Material manufacturers

  • Cleanroom and Contamination Control Testing

      Cesstech offers a comprehensive range of auditing, qualification and testing/certification services. Being NEBB certified, our credentials as an independent third-party certifier are backed by a team of professionals that include NEBB qualified and certified Cleanroom Performance Testing (CPT) supervisors with a combined experience of more than 30 years in the testing and certification of cleanrooms, clean-air devices and minienvironments.
    Benefits: Advantage
    • Independent 3rd party assessment
    • Development of test methodology / acceptance criteria/compliance verification plan
    • Problem identification and solution provision
    • Formal reports with recommendation
    • Conformance with industry recognised standards and protocols
    • Compliance with quality assurance guidelines within the facility
    • Facilitation of historical data compilation and trend analysis over time
    • Experience in a diversity of industrial sectors
    • Exemplary track record
    • All testing and studies supervised by qualified NEBB certified cleanroom testing supervisors
    • On-smiddle shop for performance testing and contamination studies
    • Comprehensive arsenal of equipment - both hardware and software
    • Trained technicians and engineers with relevant experience
  • ESD Surveys, Audits and Field Testing

    Cesstech's arsenal of equipment and expertise facilitates a wide-ranging battery of ESDC (Electrostatic Discharge Control) tests and measurements on everything from materials to tools within mini-environments to ensure that these are "ESD-safe". All the tests are supervised by iNARTE (National Association of Radio and Telecommunications Engineers) qualified and certified ESD technicians / engineers . Our services include ESD surveys, audits and qualification services.
    • Formal evaluation / analysis of ESD environment
    •  Independent 3 rd party assessment by iNARTE qualified individuals
    •  Formal reports with recommendations
    •  Development of test methodology/ acceptance criteria/compliance verification plan
    •  Identification of ESD susceptibility & failures
    •  Provision of customised solutions
    •  Continual updates on standards/plans
    •  Feedback & follow-up action plan
    •  Customised training programs
  • ESD Materials (Lab) Testing

    Cesstech has an independent & well-equipped  laboratory for the testing,  measurement & evaluation of static control (ESD) protective equipment and materials used to protect ESD sensitive devices including both raw materials and finished products. The testing is done to internationally recognised standards from ESDA (ESD Association), EIA, SEMI standards amongst others.
    Features & Benefits: Common Tests / Measurements
    • Well-Equipped lab
    • Possess Relevant Experience
    • Possess Environmental chambers that can condition and test samples at the required temperature of 23 ͦC and RH of 12% and 50%
    • Inventory of appropriate test equipment & Instrumentation
    • Testing supervised by trained iNARTE certified technicians & engineers
    • Testing to Internationally recognised, ESDA standards, amongst others
    • Easy to understand, Formal Reports with recommendations
    • Surface & Volume resistance testing & measurement per ESDA STM11.11 / 11.12
    • Energy measurement & evaluation of Static shielding bags per ESDA STM11.31
    • Floor Materials testing &measurement per ESDA S7.1
    • 2 Point resistance measurement per ESDA STM11.13
    • Worksurfaces (ESD Mats) Resistance measurements per ESDA STM4.1
    • Gloves / Finger Cots testing per ESDA SP15.1 (within limits)
  • Testing Adjusting and Balancing (TAB) of HVAC Systems

    Incorporates the balancing and testing of airflow amongst other parameters of an air-conditioned or mechanical ventilation system – can include leak testing of rooms, enclosures & ducts, airflow measurement and balancing, measurement of pump and motor parameters, measurement of temperature and humidity and filters integrity (leak) measurement and assessment
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Testing

    Cesstech has IAQ specialists and individuals who have attended the IAQ course and follow the SS 554 : 2016 Code of Practice for IAQ for Air-Conditioned Buildings when performing the measurements and testing of thermal comfort, chemical, physical and biological parameters and tests as follows :
    • Air Temperature Test
    • Relative Humidity Test
    • Air Movement
    • Carbon Dioxide CO2 Level
    • Carbon Monoxide CO Level
    • Formaldehyde
    • Total Volatile Organic Compound
    • Respirable Suspended Particles
    • Total Viable Bacterial Count