Calibration Service

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Calibration Service

As part of our value added hi-tech services, Cesstech offers calibration for our complete range of represented Air, Liquid & Hydraulic particle counters and more. Cesstech has fully equipped calibration facilities in Singapore, Malaysia and Suzhou-China with all the necessary instrumentation, tools and in-house reference instruments. The repair and calibration work is performed within an ISO Class 4 clean zone which is located within an ISO Class 6 cleanroom.

Calibration should be performed on all particle counters at yearly intervals to ensure continuously accurate and repeatable measurements within the facility, environment or process.

The particle counters are serviced and calibrated by our highly experienced service and calibration engineers who are technically proficient and competent, having been trained by the manufacturer.

Cesstech ensures that the customer enjoys a quick turnaround on the instruments sent in for repair and calibration. Most of the instruments are calibrated in-house in the calibration facility according to procedures as outlined by the manufacturer and the relevant ASTM standards.
Our calibration includes sizing verification and comparison with an in-house reference instrument (if required). Our computerised recording system ensures that timely updates are sent to customers before their particle counters are due for calibration. All our records are kept in both soft and hard copies.

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