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Cesstech offers the Met One range of air / aerosol particle counters, ranging from handheld to portable ones with sensitivity levels of 0.1µm to 10µm with flow rates of 0.1 cfm or 1.0 cfm.

These counters are reliable, easy to operate and have all the basic and standard features available for airborne cleanliness classification measurements as per industry standards. And some specific models come complete with the Long Life Lasers with extended service warranties.

Model HHPC+

6 channels Handheld Particle Counter


  • Large 3.5″ LCD Display
  • 0.3 micron at 0.1cfm
  • Counts 6 sizes simultaneously
  • Lightweight
  • Easy network connectivity via Ethernet
  • USB cable direct to PC
  • Visual particle trending
  • Quick validation of Cleanroom classification
  • Stores up to 10,000 records
  • Battry or AC Operation
  • Stores 100 samples

Model 3413/3415/3423/3425/3445 Portable Airborne Particle Counter (0.3um/0.5um @ Different flow rates)


  • Flexible communications
  • Intuitive user Interface
  • Long continuous operation
  • Battery operated

Model 3411

Portable Airborne Particle Counter (0.1um)


  • Cleanroom friendly monitoring
  • Unit-to-unit accuracy and reproducibility
  • Flexible communications
  • Long continuous operation

MetOne 3400 Simply Paperless

MET ONE simply paperless automatically exports data direct to a USB memory stick. No software required


  • Save Time
  • Eliminate Printing & Contaminating the Cleanroom
  • Eliminate Cleanroom Data Transcription errors
  • 21 CFR Part 11Data is assured
  • Industry’s First Embedded Secure pdf Data Transfer

Model 2400 / 2408

Portable Airborne Particle Counter (0.3um/0.5um)


  • Long Life Laser™ technology for superior performance
  • 0.3 micron at 1.0 CFM (2400)
  • 0.5 micron at 1.0 CFM (2408)
  • Up to 6 particle size channels
  • Sequential sampling capability
  • ISO 14644-1 calculations on all sizes—simultaneously
  • Memory for 400 count cycles of data—long life laser technology
Model R3432

Particle Counting Manifod System


  • Random location sequencing
  • High flow purge through all samples
  • Meets applicable FS209E requirements

PortAll Software

Software for Airborne Particle Counters


  • Keep laptops out of the cleanroom
  • Paperless, secure data transfer in a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant environment
  • Enables unmanned operation of your particle counter
  • Report generation just got easier
  • Paperless compliance reports
  • Personalized and localized reports

Cesstech DAS

Software for handheld Particle Counters


  • User friendly software
  • Automatically finds instruments using Plug & Play
  • Built in automatic spreadsheet
  • Data can be viewed in Excel
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