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Microbial Air Sampling Solutions

The EMTEK line of microbial air samplers were designed to operate in a variety of Critical Environments including LF Hoods, Isolators, Fill Lines, Bulk Production Areas and Compressed Air / Gas Systems. They are also practical for use in almost any other challenging environment(s), notwithstanding. Their streamlined design and virtually particulate free materials afford minimal disruptive effects on the critical environments in which they may be used.

Meet USP [797] Air Viable Particulate Certification Requirements

Based on USP [797] Guidance, to be effective May 1, 2008, Air Viable (microbial) particulate counts are required along side Total Air Particulate counts for Sterile Compounding Facility Certification. With the R2S or RAS Air Samplers alongside your total air particulate (laser) counter, you can meet both of these requirements. With the R2S, or RAS you can monitor bulk production, or support rooms (i.e., ISO 7 and ISO 8), as well critical ISO 5 environments (i.e., Rooms, LAF Hoods and Isolator Barriers) with the knowledge that you won’t add additional contaminants to that environment.

As with a laser particle counter, the sampling probe, in this case the sampling head, is placed into the critical environment without the controller unit, significantly reducing the introduction of unwanted particulate matter into the critical zone you are certifying

P100 Portable Microbial Air Sampler


  • Controlled Sample Rates of 28.3 and 100 LPM
  • Long Battery Life: >12 Hours!
  • Dimensions: 7.5″ L x 5.5″ W x 6″ H / Weight: • LCD View Screen w/Touch Screen Interface
  • Inlet Cover: 300 Holes (appropriately sized for 28.3 or 100 LPM)
  • Enclosure: White Kydex® with Microban® (anti-microbial protection)
  • Inlet Cover/Base & Enclosure Base/Handle: Anodized Aluminum
  • Infrared Remote Control (start/stop/pause/resume)
  • Adjustable Test Plate/Media Stage (set proper inlet to test plate gap)
  • HEPA Filtered Exhaust (w/option to attach exhaust tubing)
  • Tripod Mount Threading (1/4-20)

V100 Air Sampler Controller

Other Information:
R2S Operation Guide

Sampler Controller & Air Sampler Compatibility Matrix

High Pressure Diffuser Specifications


  • Remote-Slit-Sampler (R2S)
  • Compressed Gas/Confined Space (RCG)
  • Remote Autoclavable Sampler (RAS)

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