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Ionizing Guns / Nozzles / Cartridges

Compressed air or gas ionizing techniques can be effectively used for in-line equipment ionization, to deliver ionization to the heart of the process equipment and in applications where the conventional ionizers cannot be used.

Model 6115

Airforce Ionizing Blow-Off Gun


  • Ergonomic gun design
  • Flexible, lightweight air hose with integral low voltage power cable
  • Replaceable emitter point assembly and quick-eject filter
  • Strong blow-off force
Model Top Gun 3

Ionizing Blow-Off Gun


  • Ionization indicator light verifies that ionization is present
  • Electronically balanced ion output to 0 ±15V protects ESD-sensitive components and assemblies
  • Strong blow-off force
  • Designed for electronics and cleanroom applications

Model 6110/6110A

Air Ionizing Cartridge


  • Patented IsoStat® technology
  • Internal air flow sensor (Model 6110A)
  • Shielded emitter points
  • Compact size
Model orION

Ionizing Air Nozzle


  • Compact design
  • Easy installation
  • Fast charge neutralization
  • Fast charge neutralization
  • Remote operation of power unit and nozzle
  • Simple, reliable, low maintenance operations

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