Ionization Electrostatics Mgt Solutions

//Ionization Electrostatics Mgt Solutions
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Ionization / Electrostatics Mgt Solutions

Cesstech distributes the Simco-Ion range of air ionization products and systems. Simco-Ion is the premier provider of electrostatics energy management solutions and helps high tech manufacturers develop and manage their static budgets for maximum yield, throughput and profitability. Cesstech carry’s a comprehensive range of air ionization products, equipment and services for a variety of applications from cleanrooms to process equipment to electronics assembly areas.

These ionizers are suitable for Semiconductor, Data Storage, Flat Panel / LCD, Solar, Life Sceinces and General electronics applications. Cesstech’s portfolio includes installation, service and maintenance as well. Yearly maintenance and calibration contracts are also available upon request.

Room Ionization Systems
Ionizing Bars (Aerobars)
Benchtop (Blower) Ionizers
Overhead (Blower) Ionizers
Ionizing Guns Nozzles Cartridges
Critical Environment (Blower) ionization-electrostatics-mgt-solutions
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