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EMI Filters

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) on power lines and ground creates serious problems for operation of equipment and can even damage sensitive components. As such, Cesstech offers a focussed line of filters from On Filter Inc which are specially suited to reduce noise in real-life environment.

Filters already present in electronic equipment are designed to bring the noise from this equipment in compliance with EMC regulations in laboratory environment. Real-life installations offer very different environment where even the most EMC-compliant equipment can be a source of high-level noise or fall a victim to its noisy neighbors.

The main focus of OnFILTER is design and manufacturing of filters for reducing noise on power lines and ground for real-life installations. Sensitive equipment shares power lines and ground with many types of machinery and tools, not all of them noise-free. Simple turning on and off one tool can cause severe high-frequency spikes throughout the facility.

Such common items as light dimmers, solenoids, stepper and variable frequency motors, controlled heater elements and others greatly contribute to noise on power lines and ground. Such issues are present in most hi-tech facilities in the Semiconductor, Data Storage, Life Sciences and in most General Electronics sectors, to name but a few .

Cleansweep 3A Single Phase AC Power Line EMI Filters
Cleansweep Three Phase Delta Filter
Cleansweep AC Filter for Soldering Irons
GLE30-1 EMI Ground Filter (up to 30A RMS)
DC EMI Filter

OnFILTER DC EMI filters greatly reduce noise from switched power supplies, stepper motors and other sources common in today’s equipment and provide noise-free DC power for your sensitive equipment. OnFILTER’ proprietary design accomplishes maximum noise suppression of signals polluting your DC power lines, removing harmful interference typical for industrial equipment.


  • Easy installation
  • Optimized for real-life noise
  • Effective noise suppression
  • Differential and common-mode noise suppression
  • Up to 50V DC 9A
MSN12 Hand-Held EMI Adapter For Power Lines

Power lines often carry high-frequency noise (EMI), This noise causes multiple problems for equipment operation and sometimes leads to component damage. OnFILTER’ hand-held EMI Adapter provides easy way to observe noise on power lines with your oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer or any other instrument without exposing them to high voltage from the power lines


  • EMI Power Line “Probe”
  • Power Line Isolation
  • Noise Measurements Between Any Points
  • Overvoltage Protection
10A Servo, 20A Servo, 3A Servo and 3A Combo Servo Filters

Operation of servo and variable frequency motors causes a number of problems in a tool, including damage to the motor’s bearings from leakage currents. Another problem caused by this noise is errors in operation of electronic equipment, including test and metrology. Sensitive electronic components processed on such tools as IC handlers, wire bonders, SMT pick-and-place machines and many others can be subject to electrical overstress (EOS) caused by noise from servo motors, affecting yield and reliability.

OnFILTER servo motor EMI filters perform two important functions: they substantially reduce high-frequency noise within the tool resulting from operation of servo and variable frequency motors and improve reliability of motors by reducing leakage current through their bearings.  Unique patent-pending technology allows for reduction of current in ground beyond capabilities of regular filters.

OnFILTER offers filters for motor drive and also patent-pending combo filters that include both drive and AC power line filters in one enclosure.  This solution prevents servo controller from polluting the equipment with EMI not only from its drive circuit but also via AC mains.

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