Matter Aerosol – Nanoparticle Management

///Matter Aerosol – Nanoparticle Management
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Matter Aerosol – Nanoparticle Management

Model meViPR PMP

Compliant Particle Counting System


It is the latest generation of equipment based on the famous “Golden Instrument”– reference during the crucial phase of PMP – and uses the award-winning, patented “Volatile Particle Removal” technology . It is especially designed for the needs of the automotive industry & has a compact, rugged design, and is easy to operate.

Model meDiSC Diffusion Size Classifier

A new generation aerosol measurement instrument which provides particle number and size information – it is portable, robust and easy to use . The portability of DiSC requires minimal
set-up fuss and allows the ease of carrying DiSC in the field, for example, ambient air studies of aerosol number concentrations in urban areas

Model DiSC Handheld Diffusion Size Classifier

(for nanoparticle measurement)

DiSCmini is the smallest instrument capable of nanoparticle number measurement available today, with a patented sensor, working in any orientation. The portable “Diffusion Size Classifier” can be used for personal exposure monitoring or quick walk-through surveys of an area of interest, such as a workplace, or an urban area with heavy traffic.
Suited for all applications where ease of use is quite important.


  • Personal exposure monitoring
  • Workplace hazard identification
  • Filtration efficiency verification
  • Air pollution mapping with one mobile or multiple stationary instruments
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