Overhead (Blower) Ionizers

Overhead (Blower) Ionizers
  • Aerostat Guardian Data Sheet-1

    Model Aerostat Guardian

    Overhead Ionizer Blower


    • Inherently balanced to 0 ±5V
    • Integrated heater and task lights
    • AC technology
    • Ionization light
    • Patented emitter point cleaner
  • Aerostat FPD Data Sheet-1

    Model Aerostat FPD

    Wide Coverage 2 Fans, 3 Fans OR 4 Fans Overhead Ionizing Blower


    • Fast Static Discharge
    • High Reliability
    • Built-in Emitter Point Cleaner
    • Ions Present Indicator
  • Guardian-CR2000 Data Sheet-1

    Model Guardian CR2000

    Cleanroom-rated Ionizing Blower


    • Inherently balanced to 0±5V
    • Ion balance and ion output monitors
    • Lockout key switch
    • Silicone-free surfaces
    • Patenteeed emitter point cleaner