Ionization / Electrostatics Mgt Solutions

Ionization / Electrostatics Mgt Solutions
Cesstech distributes the Simco-Ion range of air ionization products and systems. Simco-Ion is the premier provider of electrostatics energy management solutions and helps high tech manufacturers develop and manage their static budgets for maximum yield, throughput and profitability. Cesstech carry's a comprehensive range of air ionization products, equipment and services for a variety of applications from cleanrooms to process equipment to electronics assembly areas.

These ionizers are suitable for Semiconductor, Data Storage, Flat Panel / LCD, Solar, Life Sceinces and General electronics applications. Cesstech's portfolio includes installation, service and maintenance as well. Yearly maintenance and calibration contracts are also available upon request.
  • IB_5515

    Model 5515

    Digital Ceiling Ionizer


    • Fully digital technology
    • Single-crystal silicon emitter points availability
    • Advanced Feedback Technology
    • Flexible user configuration, with adjustments made via IR Remote, IonManager software, or Handheld Terminal
  • th_6422e

    Model 6422e & 6422e-AC (with Auto Cleaner)

    Point of Use Ionizer


    • Patented IsoStat® technology
    • Smallest form factor available in steady-state DC ion emission blowers
    • 24 VDC or 24 VAC input
    • Facility Monitoring System (FMS) interface
  • th_5822i

    Model 5822i

    Critical Environment In-Tool Ionizer


    • ±1 volt or better balance
    • (±3 volts or better without external sensor)
    • Remotely placed control box
    • Unique Hydro Wave bearing fan
    • Facility Monitoring System (FMS)connection and audible alarm
  • th_4630

    Model 4630

    Quad Bar Ionizer


    • Quadropole configuration with IsoStat® technology
    • Compact size
    • 24 VAC or 24 VDC operation
    • Available with single crystal silicon emitter points
  • IB_5225

    Model 5225

    Digital Aerobar (In Tool Application, Pulsed DC/Steady State)


    • Complete integration with tool control system
    • Fully adjustable parameters for each AeroBar
    • Ion current monitoring
  • th_6115

    Model 6115

    Airforce Ionizing Blow-Off Gun


    • Ergonomic gun design
    • Flexible, lightweight air hose with integral low voltage power cable
    • Replaceable emitter point assembly and quick-eject filter
    • Strong blow-off force
  • th_5810i

    Model 5810i

    Critical Environment Ionizer – Overhead (2 & 3 Fans)


    • Better than ±1 volt balance
    • (±3 volts without external sensor)
    • Aluminum or stainless steel chassis
    • Options for sensor input, FMS connection, alarms, and management control
  • th_775

    Model 775

    Electrostatic Fieldmeter


    • Digital display
    • Distance ranging lights
    • Chopper-stabilized circuit
    • SAMPLE and HOLD functions