Matter Aerosol – Nanoparticle Management

Matter Aerosol – Nanoparticle Management
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    Model meViPR PMP

    Compliant Particle Counting System


    It is the latest generation of equipment based on the famous “Golden Instrument”– reference during the crucial phase of PMP – and uses the award-winning, patented “Volatile Particle Removal” technology . It is especially designed for the needs of the automotive industry & has a compact, rugged design, and is easy to operate.

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    Model DiSC Handheld Diffusion Size Classifier

    (for nanoparticle measurement)

    DiSCmini is the smallest instrument capable of nanoparticle number measurement available today, with a patented sensor, working in any orientation. The portable “Diffusion Size Classifier” can be used for personal exposure monitoring or quick walk-through surveys of an area of interest, such as a workplace, or an urban area with heavy traffic.
    Suited for all applications where ease of use is quite important.


    • Personal exposure monitoring
    • Workplace hazard identification
    • Filtration efficiency verification
    • Air pollution mapping with one mobile or multiple stationary instruments
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    Model meDiSC Diffusion Size Classifier

    A new generation aerosol measurement instrument which provides particle number and size information – it is portable, robust and easy to use . The portability of DiSC requires minimal
    set-up fuss and allows the ease of carrying DiSC in the field, for example, ambient air studies of aerosol number concentrations in urban areas