CPC / NanoParticle Management Solutions

CPC / NanoParticle Management Solutions
Cesstech offers a variety of instruments suitable for nanoparticle measurement and management from HCT and Matter Aerosol (A Testo Company), specializing in the workable, practical & realistic analysis of nanoparticles and their classification . The range of instrumentation includes portable condensation particle counters (using either n-butyl alcohol or DI water) to the hand held state-of-the-art handheld particle classifier for measurement of nanoparticles in cleanroom applications to measurement of such particles from exhausts of diesel vehicles.

The complete range includes :
  • Condensation Particle Counters (CPC, WCPC)
  • Handheld Diffusion Particle Size Classifier
  • Differential Mobility Analyzer (DMA),
  • Air samplers / Diluter
  • Particle collectors
  • Particle Sizers
  • Soft X-ray bipolar charger

These products can be used in semiconductor, microelectronics, data storage and the pharmaceutical / medical industries as well as in the automotive and research institutions.
  • wcpc_1003s

    Model WCPC 1003S

    Condensation Particle Counter


    • 10nm detection limit
    • 2.83 L/min of aerosol flow rate
    • Adopted in internal thermal display (7”)
    • Adopted in internal thermal printer
    • Contaminant particle detection in cleanroom and high purity gas system
    • Ethernet, USB serial communication
  • img_condensation_discmini

    Model DiSC Handheld Diffusion Size Classifier

    (for nanoparticle measurement)

    DiSCmini is the smallest instrument capable of nanoparticle number measurement available today, with a patented sensor, working in any orientation. The portable “Diffusion Size Classifier” can be used for personal exposure monitoring or quick walk-through surveys of an area of interest, such as a workplace, or an urban area with heavy traffic.
    Suited for all applications where ease of use is quite important.


    • Personal exposure monitoring
    • Workplace hazard identification
    • Filtration efficiency verification
    • Air pollution mapping with one mobile or multiple stationary instruments